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Isshin Ryu (one heart/one mind school) was developed by Chief Grandmaster Tatsuo Shimabuku, Okinawa's Grand Master combing two traditional arts together to make up Isshin Ryu. 

Isshin Ryu's main objective is the perfection of oneself through physical, mental, and spiritual developments. As students learn the art of Isshin Ryu, they acquire self-confidence, serenity and the ability to concentrate. Isshinryu Karate has well-rounded exercises.

  • Kicks and punches are thrown from natural stances.

  • Fifty/Fifty hand and foot techniques making it a versatile form of karate.

  • Low practical kicks.

  • Isshin Ryu will put you in better physical shape because it provides you with an aggressive exercise program that will improve your muscle tone, speed, suppleness, and mind.

  • Isshin Ryu will help you in your school work or job since the physical and mental conditioning provides you with an opportunity to "wind down" from daily tensions and frustrations.   

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